Alby Devassykutty

 I have just started A1 course at De Sales and I have a very positive experience in learning German.  The teaching is very interactive and not lecturing.  There are team activities, paired activities, audio and video teaching, which makes learning easier.  From day one, the teacher is talking in German. There is no question of talking English or Malayalam. My suggestion to friends is this: Do not be apprehensive about talking German from day one. Do not remain a mute spectator in the class room. Try your best to speak even if you are making mistakes. Teachers are always there to help. In my opinion German is similar to some of the Indian languages than English. Sometimes translation of certain words into English can be confusing. If you plan to study or work in Germany, De Sales Academy is a good place for you to learn the language. 

Alby Devassykutty, Ernakulam

Fr.Praveen Mundanchery RCJ

 Learning a new language within a short span of time is interesting as well as challenging. The goal requires a lot more than the untiring effort of the candidate: a calm and quiet ambience conducive to learning; constant, effective and motivational guidance; adequately facilitated infrastructure; committedly assisting resourceful faculty and individual candidate-oriented assistance that makes everyone to hit the goal. De Sales Academy of Talent Assistance (DATA) is the meeting point of all these at its best in the locality of Alwaye. I learn Deutsch here and out of my experience I can confidently say that we will not be disappointed if we put the whole effort and commitment to achieve the goal of learning a new language.

Fr.Praveen Mundanchery RCJ, Ernakulam

Jincy Laiju

I am a student of A2 course in German.  I am lucky to see the way De Sales Academy is growing and improving its standard day by day.  We have a very good faculty, excellent in teaching and dedicated in their profession.  They are a great help in learning the language. We also have the golden opportunity to be taught by native speakers. I am very proud to be part of this institution. 

Jincy Laiju, Cochin

Sr. Stemy Agnes

The institute insists not only on just passing the examination but also empowers the students to master the language through reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. The teachers are committed and friendly and there is a healthy interaction between the staff and students. The beautiful campus and the atmosphere in the class rooms are very conducive for learning.

Sr. Stemy Agnes



Sr. Stemy Agnes , Ernakulam

Verena  Hoelter

First of all, I would like to say that I had a wonderful time and gained a lot of experience for my life. Now I would like to share my experiences with you:Due to the varied number of students in the classes, teaching in the De Sales Academy is very diverse in nature. On the one hand, I taught in smaller classes and an intensive student - teacher relationship could be established. On the other hand, I also worked with larger classes. They also have their advantages.  For example, when there are discussions and group activities, the classes are very lively and inspiring.It is also partly due to the seating arrangements. In each classroom there are round tables for about four people, so that a good exchange can take place among the students.Even during the breaks, I enjoyed lively exchange with the students. It was also enriching for me to tell people about German culture.In the academy, there is a very nice, relaxed and familiar atmosphere among each other. So I was very warmly welcomed into the teaching team and felt right away at home.In addition, the way the classrooms are equipped is very good. Each room is very large and bright. In addition, each class has a whiteboard and a computer, which makes it easier to do exercises especially “listening” at any time. There is also a separate room with projector where you can watch movies to learn the language.The Institute, which incidentally is on a very beautiful and natural setting, is really very well organized and I had a wonderful time there. This was partly due to the students themselves, but also to my very warm contact persons Fr.Jino  and sister Anandi.

Thanks to everyone for this great time!

Verena  Hoelter



Verena Hoelter, Germany



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